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Emerald Isle Antique & Gift Shows
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About Emerald Isle Antique & Gift Shows
It is owned and operated by a mother and daughter team who after years of owning and managing a 6,000 sq. ft. antique & gift mall in downtown Anoka received the news that their beloved building had been sold for office space. With no logical place available to relocate such a large brick and mortar store, the decision was made to direct their time and resources into the sales event promoting part of their current business. 

With backgrounds in advertising and retail sales management the pair will continue to expand this branch of their business. They will use all that they have learned in the management of their successful mall, the promotion of their hosted events over time, their connections, resources, and experience in marketing and sales.

Remembering The store
Remembering The Store
Remembering The Store
Remembering The Store
Remembering The Store